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It's pretty clear when a worldview is barbaric, because worldviews have feet. They reveal themselves in the real world.
The education standards called Common Core have been adopted in more than 40 states, but according to a Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)/Gallup poll released in August, the majority of Americans oppose them.
The man who murdered John Lennon wants only one thing now — to tell others about Jesus.
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media-driven initiative sponsored by the ALS Association to raise awareness and financial support for ALS research.
Health insurance companies in California may not refuse to cover the cost of abortions, state insurance officials have ruled.
In 1920, a young Jewish man with a keen eye fled anti-Semitism in his native Russia, arrived in Berlin and began snapping pictures. Roman Vishniac would go on to become one of the 20th century’s great photographers.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration Wednesday over Common Core education.
Christian minorities in central India face a new threat as Hindu extremists in more than a dozen village councils have passed resolutions imposing restrictions on religions other than Hinduism.
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