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"VeggieTales in the House" premiered Nov. 26 as a new series exclusively on Netflix featuring the veggie characters that have modeled biblical principles for 21 years.
This Thanksgiving Day recalls another Thanksgiving many years ago—the happy hours I spent with my children and grandchildren. Over turkey and dressing, I decided to quiz my then 8-year-old grandson, as proud grandparents often do.
An Oklahoma school district has shelved a Bible curriculum that Hobby Lobby President Steve Green had hoped would be used by students in January.
The unfolding Ferguson saga calls churches to “unify and pray for our nation,” the president of National African American Fellowship, K. Marshall Williams, said in the hours after a grand jury reported its decision not to indict a white Missouri police officer in the shooting death of an 18-year-old African American.
Is it possible that someone slipped contraceptives into tetanus vaccines for the poor?
Two pastors in northwestern Bangladesh could each face two years in prison if convicted of "hurting religious sentiments."
Muralist Kent Twitchell's talks about how his faith informs the artwork he’s painted all over Los Angeles.
A Colorado high school senior is suing school officials after they told him he couldn’t meet with his Christian friends during a free period.
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