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Todd Burpo, the Kansas-based pastor and author of Heaven Is for Real, which spawned a film released in theaters on Wednesday, told The Christian Post recently that while he believes the majority of Americans believe in the afterlife, they likely have given it little thought.
A Wisconsin-based atheist organization has announced their intention to "scrutinize" the Bible class that an Oklahoma school district recently approved.
When Riley entered the room, he found his owner armed with a camera and a serious allegation about wetting a rug inside. His response was perfect!
The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, a PAC seeking to draft retired neurosurgeon and conservative darling, Dr. Benjamin Carson into the 2016 presidential race, raised more money than all prospective GOP candidates and Democrat Hillary Clinton in the last three months.
On Thursday, the Roman Catholic leader defied a traditional rule as he washed and kissed the feet of 12 people.
One of the first things I remember taking place when I committed my life to Jesus Christ was the erosion of bitterness and anger and the growth of a love I had not known before. Years of bitterness and anger that had been building up just began to dissolve.
Watch the renowned evangelist in another age of history preach the timeless truths of the Gospel.
A Michigan pastor allegedly embezzled several thousand dollars from his former church and spent the money on vacations with his wife.
If you have ever wondered what sequence of events inspired the lyrics of the timeless Christian hymn "It is Well" by writer Horatio Spafford, theologian John Piper unveils the tempestuous story behind it during a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song on Jimmy Needham's new album "The Hymn Sessions."
In need of an adrenaline rush? Here you go, courtesy of a mountain biker who made a death-defying run down the side of a mountain.
Kari Jobe leads Bethel Church in a moving performance of "Forever." This Easter weekend, be encouraged by this moving moment of worship.
Bill Gothard, an influential conservative Christian leader in the homeschooling movement, has released a statement denying allegations that he sexually harassed women and teen girls. He insists in the statement that his behavior toward those whom he favored, such as holding hands or touching the feet or hair of young ladies, was never carried out "immorally or with sexual intent."
A Tennessee church has experienced both a financial and attendance boost that began when construction started for a mosque next door.
What was the extent of the physical suffering Jesus endured at the crucifixion? Consider that the English word "excruciating" is from the Latin meaning "out of the crucifixion." I've found that the best way to comprehend the magnitude of the Christ's physical suffering on Good Friday is to read the following description that we've adapted from the work of medical doctor, C. Truman Davis.
Texas megachurch pastor Joel Osteen recently made a visit to Yankee Stadium in New York City to take in a game and give a brief preview of what attendees can expect when he returns in June for "America's Night of Hope."
Kanzi is a bonobo who's famous for his intelligence. With this feat, he shows his brilliance in the most delicious way.
Saddleback Church lead pastor Rick Warren shot down rumors that he had any eschatological intentions when he posted a picture of Monday's lunar eclipse to his Facebook earlier this week.
The Washington, D.C.-based National Conference Supporting Jews said Thursday that "official-looking" flyers demanding Jews in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk to register with the Nationalities Commissioner are fake.
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