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Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee Chan, was arrested on drug-related charges recently, and that has led the Hollywood actor to admit that he is "ashamed" and "sad."
Unbelievably, the drumbeat is beginning for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to run for President a third time. The man who lost twice for President is now being encouraged by many party leaders to give it another try.
This video goes from funny to emotional within seconds.
Anger can be caused from many different things we go through in life such as, work, family, relationships, or even from someone else's wrong doing.
The Motorola Moto 360 has not come out yet and its already being compared to the latest Samsung smart wear, the Galaxy Gear 2. As it stands, Samsung is looking to get some fierce competition when September rolls around with the release of the Moto 360.
Even though the citizens of Florida voted in a 2008 referendum to define marriage as between one man and one woman in their state's constitution, yet another federal district judge has ruled that amendment is unconstitutional because it does not let Floridians marry someone of their same gender.
Sony Pictures' "When The Game Stands Tall" injects a fresh take on the true meaning of brotherhood as it relates to sports. The film did a great job of maintaining the integrity of the story. Nothing seems to be overstated or outlandish, even though the coaching sentiments given by Coach Lad are extremely rare in execution.
A notable conservative author, activist, and radio personality has denounced a recently unveiled video game as being anti-Tea Party.
The OnePlus One is an unusual high-spec smartphone in the sense that it's priced at half than most of the high-end smartphones in the market. Since its release earlier in June, the OnePlus One has been regarded as a game changer proving that a high-end phone can also be budget friendly as well.
FC Barcelona is now surrounded by rumors that they are planning to make a transfer deal with mortal enemy Real Madrid for their player Angel di Maria.
The Google Nexus 6 release date is most likely at the end of Q4 2014, according to various reports out at the moment.
We are all looking to change, grow, mature and transform our lives. It might be losing a few pounds, quitting caffeine or saving money—or something more substantial like controlling emotions, becoming more Christ-like or overcoming addiction.
Donations for Darren Wilson continue to pour in despite reports claiming the Ferguson police officer did not sustain any serious injuries during his interaction with unarmed teen Michael Brown.
As ISIS continues to kill Christians and religious minorities throughout Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon has issued a statement warning of the extremity of ISIS' actions and the danger the Jihadists pose.
A man who was visiting a Georgia church last Sunday went into cardiac arrest in the middle of service, prompting the pastor and entire congregation to stand up and pray for a miracle while he received medical attention in a room next to the sanctuary.
Michael Brown, the 18-year-old unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in Missouri earlier this month, accepted Christ and had an eerie dream weeks before his death that would foreshadow his fate, says his St. Louis-based uncle, pastor Charles Ewing.
Jill Duggar is pregnant with her first child, and the Duggar family could not be happier; they recently shared their reaction to the news.
The fourth season for the American politcal thriller series, "Scandal," will premiere on Sept. 25 on the ABC channel at 9 p.m. EST.
Two particular watches are on the radar: the Motorola 360 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Here's a side by side comparison of the two smartwatches:
Imagine going through life helping the same people and problems each and every day.
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